Mormon’s have the best deal going. They believe in a concept called polygamy (not to be confused with bigotry).With polygamy, you don’t have to choose and marry only one wife. You can choose and marry as many wives as you wish. That is SO awesome, because if I had to choose which one porn star was my favorite of all time to work with, I would have a very hard time choosing. The best deal for me, would be to take all of my favorites, marry them, and move to Utah where we could have little Republican presidential nominees. They would be all boys, because Mormon’s kill the girls at birth.

Or is that the Chinese? I forget.

Seriously though……

How many times have you been sitting around with the your buddies, drinking some beers, reminiscing about the girls you fucked in college or before you settled down and married, and inevitably, someone poses the question,If you had to pick just one, who would be your favorite fuck of all time?”

You grapple with the question in your mind, overwhelmed by the enormous task of having to choose one girl out of many. One girl who fulfilled all your desires without inhibition. You think in your head, weighing the different things you did with different girls. What you liked about each one. The crazy fights or arguments you had with each one. The terrible break-ups and mind fucks. Finally you blurt out, “Man, I can’t answer that! They were all great in their own way!”

If there is one question, most asked of me by fans, this would certainly rank up there as one of the most asked. “Who is your most favorite girl you’ve ever worked with?

When you think about it, it’s not surprising that guys would want to know who my most favorite girl would be after so many years in the porn business. Guys love to rank things. Their salaries, their favorite college teams, their dick size, their favorite MMA fighters, their favorite films, their favorite shirts, their favorite cars, their favorite beers, and their favorite sexual conquests.

I’ve witnessed a cornucopia of cute girls and beautiful women coming and going in the adult business and I fondly remember my scenes with quite a few of them. Girls of all different shapes and sizes, ethnic backgrounds and personalities have graced  the adult screen and I was excited to work with them all. Blondes, brunettes, tall, short, big-boned, petite, natural breasts, enhanced breasts, gym bodies and normal physiques.

When someone asks me this question, it’s impossible for me to choose just one. Maybe, if I hadn’t been in the business, I may have had a lower number to choose from and I probably would be able to choose a favorite person from my personal life. The great thing about being in the adult business is that all the different types I was attracted to, were available to work with. My tastes reflected everything I found sexy and compelling about women.

I’ve performed in well over 800 movies. Due to the sheer amount of work, there were many who came and went that I enjoyed working with, even if it was only one time. I cannot remember all of their names, but I often recall our scenes.

There were a few who didn’t make a lasting impression. Hey, not everyone can be a spectacular lay. And to be fair, I’m sure I didn’t make an impression on some of them either, for whatever reason. But there were many that I loved working with, and  I repeatedly asked to be paired with them. Each of the girls had their different personal and physical traits and I liked them all for different reasons. Sadly, there were still more who were in the industry that I wanted to work with but never got the chance. Some decided to stop doing boy/girl scenes, some mostly worked in non-feature  productions or they left the business entirely.

When I got into porn, most of the stars that I was familiar with, were from movies in the late 80’s and early 90′s. There were women that I absolutely adored because I loved the energy and sexuality they brought to the screen. Women like Barbara Dare, Tori Welles, Porsche Lynn,  Aja, Amber Lynn to name a few. To me, they epitomized how a woman looked and behaved when it came to sex. They may have been young but they were made up to look like mature women. Back then, women were celebrated as sexual creatures, unlike now, where the teenage girl next door is touted as the ultimate object of desire.

These woman were incredibly sexy in the way they carried themselves on screen. With various cinematic role models such as Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot and others, these woman had strong, mature sexual icons to emulate. It was disappointing that I didn’t get to work with some of these favorite stars, but as always, there were new girls coming into the business who were equally pretty and just as eager to perform in front of the camera.

When I started in films, the on-camera talent pool was small, possibly numbering around 150 people at times. There were dozens of girls who I worked with repeatedly that I enjoyed as partners onscreen and  offscreen as well. Being on film sets for 10 or more hours a day, you develop a surrogate social network with the other talent where we openly discussed our personal lives and found ourselves drawn to certain people. Socializing together in our down time allowed us to have a ‘life’ off set like other working professionals. The difference was, we all had carnal knowledge of each other.

I was very fortunate to have great relationships with certain directors who would ask me who I wanted to work with OR they would tell me which girls they had cast in their upcoming film and let me choose my partner.

Here are SOME of my favorites who I enjoyed working with many times over and always tried to be booked with them. We had great chemistry and fun times on set. Some have moved on and some are still active, either filming or dancing on the road.

Ashlyn Gere, Debi Diamond, Jesse Jane, Brea Bennett, Asia Carrera, Gina Ryder, Stormy DanielsInari Vachs, J.R. Carrington

Kaitlyn Ashley, Lacy Rose, Laura Palmer, Alicia Rio, Nikki Tyler, Racquel Darrian, Melanie Moore, Roxanne Blaze, Kira Kenner, Jenna Jameson, Leanna Heart, Nici Sterling, P.J. Sparxx

Jessica Drake, Anna Malle, Rebecca Lord, Sophie Evans, Sunset Thomas, Monica Mayhem, Tiffany Mynx, Dasha, Janine, Taylor Hayes, Kayden Kross, Wanda Curtis, Vanessa Chase

Leena, Sasha Grey, Christina Angel, Roxanne Blaze, Ann Marie, Ava VincentKaylani Lei, Kelli McCarty, Avy Scott

Tiffany Million, Sunrise Adams, Sondra Hall, Shy Love, Monique DeMoan, Monique Alexander, Melissa Hill, Julia Ann, Hannah Harper, and Celeste.

Credit is due to the directors who believed that if you put two people together who really dug each other and had that lust for one another, you were going to get a great scene in the movie. Some directors, though, would be infatuated with some new girl based solely on a photo but after the scene, it became apparent that the girl couldn’t perform as well as the director had hoped, and that was a huge disappointment.

In the end, what the viewer wants to see is a GREAT sex scene where the chemistry between the performers is REAL.


  1. Matt Griffith

    How were your experiences with Christy Canyon? She seemed to bring alot of energy to her scenes. Highly sensitive to oral stimulation or was that acting?

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