I sometimes get emails and FB messages from fans wanting to know a little more about me. While I am flattered that someone has that amount of interest in me, it got me thinking. Why not share the little nuggets I’ve learned along my journey in this life and business.

So, what did I learn? These are just some of the things I’ll share…

-Relationships based on great sex will last only as long as the sex does.

-Men should take care of their feet. A pedicure is not reserved only for women. Just don’t buff your nails.

-Coke makes everyone unbearable. Have you ever heard someone say, “When you do lines of coke, you become so incredibly charming?”

-The New York Times is still the best newspaper in the world.

-Brutal honesty is NOT the best policy.

-Having sex with your roommate/neighbor/massage therapist is a bad idea. That goes for the beautiful redhead that waxes your back, too.

-When packing for travel, less is more.

-Life is too short to drink cheap booze. Drink the best you can afford. If you can’t even afford that, best not to drink.

-More often than not, people don’t give a shit about your opinion, even if they ask for it. They only want to hear their opinion spoke back to them in a different voice.

-Originality is a dying art.

-Make sure to stay in touch, especially when you don’t need anything.

-Ladies, when a man meets your eyes and smiles pleasantly, return the gesture. He’s not leering at you, he’s simply saying “I notice you.”

-Get a savings account. Deposit your checks into the account. Transfer enough funds into your checking to cover your weekly/monthly expenses. Add an additional amount (100-150) for  small impulse purchases. If you come across something that puts you over that amount, ask yourself “Do I need this, or simply want it?” If you really want it, wait a week. If you feel the same intensity of desire a week later, transfer the appropriate amount to checking and not a dime more. You will find that you have more money saved at the end of each month.

-You will not write the next great American novel. Neither will I. So, stop dreaming and move on.

-War is ALWAYS about money. Period.

- We will never look as cool in designer clothes as the models did in the print ad. Period.

-Weekend box office numbers shouldn’t mean anything to you. Don’t mention them in conversation. Unless you are the producer of the blockbuster film, you end up sounding like a douchebag.Wait…what? Oh, producers are douchbags, right.

-Don’t let anyone or anything define you.

-I care less about professional team sports now than when I was a teenager.

-What other people think of you should be none of your concern.

-Silence can be your most powerful attribute.

-Grammar, etiquette, and listening are hugely underrated. These are essential for true success.

-Keep your cool and get the job done.

-All woman lie about their shoe size. And the number of men they have slept with.

-You die alone. Period.

-You don’t want to wake up one day and think to yourself. “What a waste.” Go out and do everything you’ve dreamed of doing.

-Sex doesn’t have to be a 50 minute marathon event with nine positions. Sometimes, it can be one position and looking into the other’s eyes.

-Playing the stock market is gambling. If you want to gamble, go to Vegas, see a show, play the tables, drink some booze and chase some woman. If you’re going to get fucked, at least have a great story to tell your friends.

-Watching the news kills all hope. Don’t watch the news.

-A man should have at least one well made and properly fitted suit. And great shoes to go with it. Polished.

-There is more power in a handwritten letter to your congressman than a bitchy, snide comment on a message board.

-Humor will save your ass.

-Fine food, fine wine and great conversation amongst friends trumps a night at the movies. Every time.

-Woman ALWAYS  look sexy in stockings and garters. Period.

( more to come….)


  1. LaLaLoosh

    in regards to the men getting pedicures-call me crazy but as a fan I’ve always noticed that you had nice feet and would love to see scenes that would show a glimpse of them
    Please tell me you’ll make a return to porn again

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