Apparently, Sasha Grey reading to students has elicited a number of varying responses from people. These are some of them….

“What’s wrong with that? George “W” read to elementary kids, ALL THE WHILE AMERICA WAS BEING ATTACKED ON 9/11. Geez, and THAT was supoosed to be OK. “W” didn’t even stop when the second plane hit the second tower, he just sat there and showed his support of these elementary kids.”


Who gives a darn what she used to do. I couldn’t care less if she was still doing it to tell you the truth. We have an unfair and erroneous assumption in this country that one aspect of a person’s life must color another portion in their life which isn’t the truth, and when it does it could be in surprisingly beneficial ways. For example, perhaps it was more important to her to earn her money from consenting adult tax payers than to go on the dole. Perhaps she understands that there are married couples still together and happy with each other today because they watched pornography together to spice up their love life after it became stale. Would you prudes tell John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems that he couldn’t read to kids because he also co-founded Patron tequila?
Look if you’re having a difficult time separating adult business from what you do with children then YOU have a problem. Don’t push your perversions on us sane people.”


“Better an ex-porn star than a bankster or financial fraudster — those guys really have bad values.”


“You have GOT to be kidding right?

Think about this logically. Based on these complaints NO ONE WHO HAS HAD CONSENSUAL SEX AT ALL CAN READ TO CHILDREN. Is it the fact that we KNOW they had sex or that they do it for money on film? I think that nearly everyone has experimented with filming private sex acts. What about mainstream film actors who often perform extremely realistic sex acts in front of the camera? Should we not allow Nicole Kidman to speak to children because of “Eyes Wide Shut”? (her ex also in that movie, shouldn’t read to children for other much more important reasons.) What about fashion models who walk around half naked on a stage in front of people? Should we prevent former exotic dancers who may have paid for their education in that profession to not become teachers?

How far does it go? The next step would be to require everyone who has had sex in front of a camera to wear some kind of badge or have some kind of tag on their ID so we can make sure they don’t talk to or interact with children. Maybe a special tattoo in an obvious place. We will have to put some kind of “image recognition” software on all video and phone cameras so the authorities can be alerted if anyone films themselves performing sex acts.

This actress made a choice to leave her “old job”. The only reason I now know she use to do that is because I read it here. She WAS an actress in the LEGAL adult film industry. Now she isn’t.”

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